Why It's Critical for Your Pasadena Realtor to Be a Superb Marketer

Laurie Turner May 22, 2023

Buying and selling a house is quite a lengthy process, which is why many people choose to work with a real estate agent. In Pasadena, homes tend to sell quickly, meaning it is essential to have an expert agent by your side who can find houses right when they come onto the market.

As you search for the top real estate agents in Pasadena, California, who can best help you during this process, ask yourself: What makes a great real estate agent? There are many different answers to this question based on location and your needs when buying a house. One important quality you should look for in an agent is their overall marketing knowledge.

Marketing is vital in any business, and real estate is not an exception to the rule. At its core, marketing is about building relationships between the consumer and company, or in this case, the home buyer or seller and the real estate agent. An agent's sales skills are necessary, as they need to be able to make sales along with being personable. Not only is building relationships and salesmanship vital but so is understanding how to incorporate marketing tools, such as social media and online marketing, into their real estate career. Read on for what makes these skills so important.

Sales skills

A solid set of sales skills is necessary as a Pasadena real estate agent. Being a salesperson means meeting the client's wants and needs by taking the time to listen to them. In fact, when working with a new client, the first step for any agent is learning what they want from their new home. Does the client live a more active lifestyle? If so, the agent should look at listings where access to gyms, parks, or other similar facilities is convenient. Is the client interested in having kids in the near future? The agent should know the best schools and districts in the area.

Along with building a relationship with the client, an agent must also be an excellent negotiator. Agents with good negotiation skills who understand the market can close a deal on their client's dream home for the best price.

Market research

Along with exceptional sales skills, an agent with a marketing background can perform in-depth market research. Research is a crucial yet often overlooked component of marketing, but a fair amount of effort is put into performing and analyzing marketing research. Marketers spend time conducting this research because it helps shape advertising strategies for a product or determine what features to include in a product for customers to be interested.

In real estate, analyzing the local market trends gives the agent an idea of how and where to find the best houses for their clients. Taking the time to explore the market also informs the agent on whether a particular property is being over-valued or under-valued based on the surrounding properties in the neighborhood. Market research also assists realtors in knowing whether the market is leaning in favor of buyers or sellers.

Social media

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Social media platforms are a part of our everyday lives and act as great marketing tools for real estate agents. An agent's utilization of social media is significant for anyone interested in selling their home. Looking over the agent's social media pages gives you insight into their listings and demonstrates their marketing abilities. Do they share their life on these platforms? Do they discuss their success stories and failures?

Learning how a real estate agent presents themselves on social media is one of many ways to get an idea of how they might try to market your home when you sell it. How active an agent is on social media can also show how resourceful they can be when helping you find a home. Maybe they use their social media to post about new listings to their followers, including other real estate agents. For sellers, this is an opportunity for more agents to see your home and connect you with potential home buyers.

Another aspect of social media is the agent's innovative mindset regarding user experience. Is the agent you are researching on top of new social media trends and platforms? Can they connect with various audiences on the platforms they use? Innovation in social media marketing is one way an agent can reflect their ability to get creative when finding and selling homes for clients.

Online marketing tools

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Whether you are looking into Pasadena condos for sale or luxury real estate, a real estate agent can help you look for the specific living space you need. Along with scouring a potential agent's social media presence, it is crucial to look at the agent's professional website as well. The website provides information not only on the agent themselves but also showcases the types of homes they sold in the past and what properties they currently have listed. You can learn more about the agent's experience and expertise, such as how long they have lived and worked in the area and if they might have other interests or knowledge pertaining to your home search.

How to find the best agent for you

Ultimately, the best agent for you is one who can identify your wants and needs to match you with the best house for your lifestyle. There are various properties for anyone's lifestyle, such as a single-family home for a new and growing family or luxury condos for a couple who wants a smaller space with plenty of amenities. Working with a real estate agent who has a solid understanding of the market can make tasks like researching luxury condos for sale in Pasadena, California, more straightforward. The ideal agent provides support and assistance throughout the home-buying or home-selling process by offering their knowledge, expertise, and emotional support.

If you are seeking a new home or listing a Pasadena home for sale, reach out to Laurie Turner for the guidance you can count on. Laurie has over 30 years of marketing experience, and her extensive knowledge in marketing and entrepreneurship is an excellent asset for anyone trying to buy or sell a home in Pasadena. Contact Laurie Turner today to work toward your goals.

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