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The Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Home in Pasadena by Laurie Turner

Laurie Turner August 24, 2023

Pasadena is a vibrant city renowned for its rich history, beautiful architecture, and thriving arts and cultural scene. Next to the majestic San Gabriel Mountains, Pasadena offers a picturesque setting alongside iconic landmarks such as the stunning Pasadena City Hall and the Rose Bowl Stadium, which hosts the annual Rose Parade and college football games. Pasadena is a captivating place, which is why so many potential homebuyers love the area and want to make it their future home.

As a Pasadena-area seller, you will face competition and field significant demand in the luxury market. About 120 single-family homes were on the local market as of August 2023. The top decile was listed for $3.6 million and above, and the top quartile was listed for $2.2 million and above, while the median list price was around $1.5 million. For that price, buyers can expect a home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and up to 2,000 square feet.

History has shown that Pasadena is a one-of-a-kind destination with a real estate market that rarely lags. In keeping with the city’s sterling reputation, an expert Realtor can draw interest from buyers worldwide. Anyone selling property here will benefit from the expert guidance of a Realtor like Laurie Turner. Read on for an overview of what to expect throughout your seller's journey.

Preparations before listing

Selling your home involves thorough preparation to make it market-ready. The best step you can take is to hire a professional Realtor with insight into Pasadena luxury real estate. Beginning with your first consultation, Laurie Turner will tailor a customized strategy that accounts for your needs and local market conditions. The best Realtors can also recommend contractors to professionally stage your home and make any necessary improvements.

Interview local real estate agents

While selling your house without assistance is possible, working with a real estate agent makes this intricate process less stressful. The best Realtors combine elements of strategy, project management, and valuable insights into the local market (including pricing, marketing strategies, and negotiation techniques). A reliable Realtor like Laurie will ensure you stay informed and on track for a sale you consider successful.

When searching for an agent, interview a few to evaluate their suitability. Pertinent questions include their specialization in selling luxury real estate and how their expertise aligns with your needs. These inquiries help you choose an agent who will advocate your interests with clear communication at all phases of your sale.

Ascertain your home’s value

Once you’ve enlisted a Realtor, they will conduct a local market analysis, delving into market trends, comparable homes, and buyer behavior. In Laurie’s experience, critical components include figuring out the duration homes typically spend on the market and examining the final sale prices on recently sold homes in your neighborhood. Additionally, Laurie considers historical data, neighborhood quality, proximity to amenities, and comparative property values within the area. When it comes time to list your home, she will have the information to price it optimally.

Make upgrades to improve your home value

The weeks preceding your property’s market debut are the best time to make upgrades. Rather than a scattershot approach, savvy sellers are highly selective regarding home improvements, choosing only those that promise a substantial return on investment (ROI).

Not all upgrades guarantee a positive ROI. Usually, the best path is minor upgrades in crucial areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. Your agent should provide data on the most beneficial upgrades in your zip code. They can also obtain project quotes from reliable contractors in their network; that way, you can assess which upgrades are worth your time and money.

Stage your home for professional photography

As a seller in Pasadena, it’s essential to stage and clean your home. During the staging process, do a deep clean inside and outside of the house to elevate the overall presentation of your home. While cleaning, you (or the professional cleaning company) should declutter and create well-organized spaces showcasing the functionality of each area.

After cleaning, it is time to stage your home for online listing photographs. Rearrange furniture to achieve a visually appealing composition and ensure each room is well-lit, avoiding any unwanted reflections in mirrors or other reflective surfaces. Most sellers hire a professional photographer to capture the best possible images, as their trained eye can significantly impact the visual appeal of your home's photographs.

Selling your home

With your home fully prepared for sale, the next step is listing it on the market and making it visible to potential buyers through various channels. The best Realtors employ online marketing techniques to advertise your home and recruit buyers to open houses (in-person or virtual, depending on the circumstances). Following the open houses, there will be an appraisal, and once complete, the closing process begins.

List your home on the MLS

At the end of preparing the home for sale, your agent will list it on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS is generally limited to listings from sellers working with agents. Access to the MLS is ideal, making connecting with potential homebuyers interested in your property more accessible. One benefit of the MLS is that buyers can zero in on the type of property you’re selling. For example, you probably want buyers interested in single-family homes rather than condos and townhomes for sale in Pasadena, California.

Host open houses and virtual tours

When showcasing your house to potential buyers, you have several options. The first option is hosting an in-person open house, allowing buyers to explore the property and understand the space. Another option is to have virtual tours, which offer convenience and flexibility, as sellers can choose between pre-recorded videos or live streams. Virtual tours benefit out-of-state buyers while allowing sellers to record at their convenience. These alternative showing options cater to diverse buyer preferences and offer flexibility for both parties.

Attend the appraisal

Unless a homebuyer makes an all-cash purchase, they will have a professional appraise the house. The purpose of appraisals is for the buyer's lender to verify the selling price matches the home's value, ensuring the homebuyer does not borrow more than the property's worth. The buyer will bear the cost as they obtain the loan. Your listing agent should attend the appraisal, ensuring you and your buyer encounter no unpleasant surprises.

Negotiations and closing costs

When a contract is agreed upon, the closing process begins. Typically, buyers and sellers pay fees on different aspects of the transaction determined during negotiations. In California, buyers usually pay mortgage-related fees, such as origination and escrow charges, while sellers pay for real estate transfer taxes.

As you and your buyer near an agreement, your agent should confer with the buyer’s lender and negotiate the terms of your eventual agreement. Once you’ve negotiated an acceptable deal, you and your buyer will enter escrow — a legal arrangement for a third party to hold “earnest money” until all parties finalize the negotiations and contract. Escrow is crucial to buyers and sellers as it offers protection if both parties cannot agree upon the contract terms.

Ready to sell your home in Pasadena?

Are you looking into buying or selling property in Pasadena? Do yourself a favor and partner with Laurie Turner. With over 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing, Laurie is in the best position to sell your Pasadena home. Laurie’s expertise, insight, and strategy make her the ideal agent to showcase your property and recoup maximum value. Contact Laurie Turner today to begin your rewarding real estate journey.

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